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cloudMatrix™ Overview

Gravitant cloudMatrix powers the longest running Cloud Service Brokerage and is trusted by some of the largest Enterprises, Governmental Agencies, and Solution Providers in the country.

Gravitant cloudMatrix is a cloud brokering software suite that addresses the entire IT value chain: assess, compare, design, procure, provision, operate, and control as well as the new area of broker operations. The consolidation of virtualized resources, public clouds, private clouds, and the integration of managed services through the entire lifecycle makes cloudMatrix the only software that supports an IT-as-a-Service model.

Gravitant cloudMatrix has helped many IT organizations become a broker for the business, moving from a slow service-ticket model to an agile design-to-order model.

Centralized service provider management

  • Centralized pricing engine, subscription management, catalog management, and billing across all service providers

Design and compare your “best fit” IT services

  • Collaborative and heterogeneous IT architecture design
  • Normalized smart catalog across cloud service providers

Reveal and control hidden cloud costs

  • Detailed solution reporting and what-if planning
  • Budget controls and centralized financial reporting

Expedia-like consumption experience

  • Advanced catalog and app store to publish and monetize IT solutions
  • Automated approvals and provisioning of complete IT solutions
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